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FX Axe MAM takes the traditional approach to trading, the main focus is to preserve capital and trade markets conservatively. The fund offers a way to invest your capital in the ever-changing world of currency and have a transparent view of how your funds are being invested in real time, providing a better rate of return and more clarity than investment options such as ISA’s.

Help to boost your savings, see every trade that we place and best of all, you don’t need to give us any money! If you want to invest your money safely and securely this is the place to be, we have a minimum deposit amount so please send your inquiries to if you wish to know more!

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Everyone knows that the road to REAL financial freedom is knowing how to make consistent profits, month after month, doubling your investments year on year. FX Axe MAM has a huge focus on capital preservation and risk management, this is evident by the lack of losses made in 2018 and 2019, as per verified results we were able to achieve 173% gains in 12 months without a losing month. 

Here at FX Axe, we verify all of our trading results in real-time via MyFXBook, the fund is able to maintain 3-5% gains monthly on average even through some of the worst market conditions.

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